4 most dangerous secrets one should never share with anyone

4 most dangerous secrets one should never share with anyone

Four most dangerous secrets you should not tell anyone even your best friend.

As a person, there are top secrets you should not be sharing with each and every person you meet on the way of life.

A lot of dreams have been shattered because of wrong inputs from closed friends and trusted personal which resulted in jealousy. Humans are inherently selfish and wicked so much that they are not happy with another persons success stories.

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One should be careful with the kind of persons you share secrets with since some may use them against you. It is important therefore to try as much as possible to have your secrets.

These following are the Four things that you should be careful with, before you share your secrets:

  1. Family Secret: As a Family, there are things happening one should not share inspect the situation because the person you are sharing this might use them against you. Sharing family secrets will be opening channels for enemies to come and maybe attack your family.
  2. Marriage Secrets: you are not supposed to share marriage affairs with an outsider. You should be careful who you share marriage secret with. In case your husband or wife has weakness, its not fair to share it with anyone some people will think your marriage is not healthy or stable yet it is experiencing challenges like other normal marriages. You need to be careful therefore before releasing any weakness concerning your wife or husband.
  3. Business Secrets or Plans: This is very essential and crucial. you might share business plans with enemy that might hijack your business idea and apply it to themselves. These might include thieves or robbers, they want to find out, how you are keeping your money or records, so that they can be able to attack you. You need to be careful therefore when beginning or running a business.
  4. Relationship Life: Every relationship have ups and downs. You might want to share your secret only to find your self in trouble. The person you are sharing your secret with might not be interested to help but to get way to ruin your life with your partner. This is why you should be careful with your relationship life, someone might be waiting for your break up so that he or she can replace you.

In summary, what people do not know they dont ruin it. Always learn the ability to surprise people with the success you make from all your endeavors.

Always move with certain mindset that you own no-one apology or anything. You need to be strategic and smart in dealing with people, mostly close friends and family, it will help you get positive results. Actually there are nice people who always got your back but they are few. Remember to Work Hard In Silent And Let Your Success Make The Noise.

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4 most dangerous secrets one should never share with anyone


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