Acts about quiet people

Acts about quiet people

Acts about quiet people

If you need some to listen to your ideas, dreams, and passion, find a quiet person. They are good in keeping secret because they talk about things that concerns them and talk when necessary.

Everyone thinks of you as a good listener, they are patience to listen and won’t split secret.

Quiet people talks a lot inside.

Once they get comfortalbe with you, they get crazy and wild.

THey speak in thoughts and heart.

They are shy, they can’t maintain eye contact.

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They have too much anger don’t get them pissed off ( these depends on individual, some person have control of their anger)

They are strong and very intelligent in class.

They are very crazy on social media.

They have very cool personalities and are fun.

They are loyal and love the most in relationships.

They never show their pain.

Some of them are depressed and alone but they pretend.

They have got cutest smile and weirdest.

If you are one them, don’t fear you are the best of your kind.

I know there a lot of people like this, Bravo!!! You too much

Acts about quiet people


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