Kelly Khumalo gets clear of belly fat (Video)

Kelly Khumalo gets clear of belly fat (Video)

Kelly Khumalo shared a photo on social media revealing her belly fat.

During the Christmas Eve, the super star was carried away with enjoyment and fun, forgetting to watch her weight also be in line with fitness. Last year December she gained fat, and now she got clear of it by exercising her body daily.

She went extra mails to make sure her belly gets back to it’s formal desirable and tantalizing shape, which she succeed.

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Moreover the amazing singer did not just go on a treat on her belly she also went far to make her skin tighten to look sweet and amazing. Her new tighten skin also got her fans talking and got likes.

Kelly Khumalo revealed the process at which she got rid of the extra fat.

“It all went downhill after the 23rd of December, to a point where I gained a muffin top so I visited @lashitnailitbrowit to start non invasive laser liposuction, fat freeze and skin tightening,” she captioned post.

Kelly Khumalo gets clear of belly fat (Video)


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