Mzansi lady shoots her shot at Sjava

Mzansi lady shoots her shot at Sjava

A woman has decided to shoot her shot at South African personal Sjava.

This has left the public talking and most are surprise with the way she expressed her feelings on social media.

Some women have been able to swallow their pride and express their emotions towards the way they feel about their opposite sex by shooting their shot.

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In a perceptible post, the lady said she would delete her Twitter account if Sjava rejected her.

The lady who shoot her shot has been admiring Sjava form a distance, he seems to be the kinda man she wants in her life, well Sjava respond to her in one word.

This caught Sjava’s attention as he responded and it wasn’t exactly a rejection saying “Ihaba”, which means “Exaggeration”.

See tweet below:

Mzansi lady shoots her shot at Sjava


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