Signs you are dating a Narcissist

Signs you are dating a Narcissist

One have to be sensitive in relationship concerning a narcissistic partner, but before I explain the signs you are dating a narcissist, let get to know the meaning of the word narcissist, just to help you understand.

Narcissistic personality disorder is one of several types of pesonality disorders.

It is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.

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These sets of people look very normal, they act nice just to win your heart, you likely might not know their intention until you get close to them. They are control freaks.

So as you read I will love you to identify if you are in a relationship with such person and start running for your life and I would love you to check if you are such a person too, so you start seeking treatment.

So According to Marian Parker there are over 30 tactics narcissists use to control their victims but I will be sharing with you guys top 15.

  1. A narcissist’s primary objective is to turn you against your friends and family so you won’t have anyone to talk to or run to as they trip you off part until you lose yourself.
  2. The sabotage you, because they can’t handle your success. In their world, they are the best, the smartest, and the prettiest; everyone else is worthless.
  3. They will go extra miles just to keep the image they’ve built alive. If that means they have to crush someone to achieve it, they won’t think twice about it.
  4. Whenever something is wrong they blame you, and tell you that you’re too emotional to handle life. A narcissist threatens you to intimidate you. He or she wants you to stop thinking for yourself and blindly listen to him or her.
  5. They set traps for you on purpose so that they can appear as your ‘savior’ when you fall.
  6. They never pass on the chance to publicly humiliate you. They humiliates you every chance they get and yet wonder why your confidence is low.
  7. They are always threatening to walk away on you because they want you to beg them to stay. They need to hear you need them and you can’t live without them.
  8. Your entire relationship revolves around control. Narcissists need to have control, if they don’t they are ready to emotionally destroy you to the extent you can’t recognize yourself, just to get you to entertain their every whim.
  9. If at any point in your relationship you sober up and try to find a way out, if you stand up to them, they won’t have it. They will promise to change, they will beg (this is the only time they beg) and act nice for you to think they have changed. Right after your rebellion, they will punish you.
  10. They are always investigating behind your back because they need to know everything going on around them so the can be in control.
  11. Every decision you make, they will second guess. it’s not because they don’t trust you, it’s because they want you to doubt yourself after a number of ‘you’re not capable of anything’ remarks.
  12. They make sure being yourself is unacceptable. They want to change who you are and crush your self-esteem so you start believing you need to change because who you really are is not good enough.
  13. They will blow some past events out of proportion and convince you it happened just the way they told you, only you forgot it because you were ‘too emotional and weak’.
  14. They give you silent treatment to punish you. They stop communicating until you start begging them.
  15. They eat your brain until you lose yourself completely and depend on them for everything. You start to question your abilities.

Sadly, in the end, the good person ends up emotionally beaten and damaged while the bad guy/lady moves on to the next victim, looking perfect in a strange’s eyes.

A lot of person that go deep with these narcissists are those that believe they could change them only to lose themselves in the process .

So if you are with one, run for your life NOW.

The only thing that can help them if they accept their mental problem and seek help. A professional therapist and praying for them from a distance is the only way they can change.


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Signs you are dating a Narcissist


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