South Africa Mourns Anti-Apartheid Crusader and Musician Johnny Clegg

South Africa Mourns Anti-Apartheid Crusader and Musician Johnny Clegg

After decades of wooing the world with his singing, anthropological studies and activism, Johnny Clegg finally gave up the ghost in Johannesburg, which he has adopted for home for decades. He was 66. South Africa Mourns Johnny Clegg the Anti-Apartheid Crusader & Musician


Before his death, he was said to have been suffering from pancreatic cancer since 2015. It is said the cancer may have contributed to his death.

Johnny Clegg was born in Lancashire, England, but moved to South Africa with his mother when he was still little. He would be associated mostly with South Africa thereafter.

In the days when apartheid – or racial segregation – was the in-thing in South Africa and it was dangerous to speak out against it, Johnny Clegg was a strong voice against the system, using his music, indifferent to the dangers.

However, Following the announcement of his passing, tributes have been dropping from around the world. The government of South Africa would take to its verified Twitter account to announce that “The Crossing” hitmaker has left indelible imprints in the hearts of the denizens of the Rainbow Nation.

Johnny Clegg’s music career spanned decades, leading to the release of many numbers which are still being enjoyed today. These tracks include “King of Time,” “Asimbonanga,” “One Man One Vote” and “The Crossing,” which is considered among his greatest hits to date.

Vividly, In 2018 50 fans of Jonny Clegg, fine musicians themselves, celebrated him by remaking “The Crossing.” It is just a pity that, right now, Johnny Clegg has crossed over to the other side. Rest in peace, muso Johnny Clegg. South Africa misses you already.


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