Swallow your pride and solve your problem.

Swallow your pride and solve your problem.

Many people decided to remain in a particular situation because of their pride. Using ladies as an example here:

“You date this particular guy then you sleeps with him, after sometimes, you get into an argument or some issues, instead of solving the problem, you send a text message to a nigga that has been trying to get your attention to ease your pain.

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He makes you happy and make you smile once, you consider and start planning to dating him. He plays his card rights and you get laid.

The very same guy pisses you off, instead of solving your problems together, you call another guy to ease your pain. He also put a smile on your face, and you get the laid again.

This cycle goes on and often because you think you are too sexy and beautiful to beg a man therefore ending up sleeping with different men that comes your way. You can not face challenges and always want an easy way out when the fire gets hot.

Swallow your pride and solve your problem. Learn to do the following below:

Let some things go

Be open to learn about yourself: only you knows your innermost thoughts, that is your exclusive space and you know yourself better than anyone else.

Learn to apologize : you need to acknowledge what you did, express remorse and say sorry.

Be Humble, be open to learning your self, to recognize your pride, to remember your own stupidity and to let go. The world is not a bed of rose, even roses have thorns, claim down and fix things. Goodluck!

Swallow your pride and solve your problem.


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